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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Brief History of Liver Legs

Liver Legs was founded on the principles that

A) Bicycling is fun
B) Everything is better with friends
C) Beer tastes good
D) Everyone's invited

Those attributes are what Raleigh's monthly Liver Legs ride is made of.  We go out and have a bit of fun on our bicycles.  You can see that there's not a lot of spandex involved.  We've also got a good mixture of ladies and gents.

We meet on the steps of the capital at Fayetteville St.  There's a general prescription for each ride so follow up with the Facebook event to see what that might be.

Here's a brief history for those of you who want to reminisce or just follow along.  If you like what you see, then get out and join us because this show only rolls once a month.

June 2013
Liver Legs X, Episode 10: Return of the Legs.  AKA, we can't count.  It's been too long!
November 2012
Liver Legs VIII: Turkey Legs.  Hit the Q Shack for BBW turkey.  Mmmph.  Then back to downtown Raleigh for some drinkypoo.

October 2012
Liver Legs VII: The Unliverer Legs.  Bring out your costumes, bring out your dead, the livers go on a Halloween bar hop around downtown Raleigh.  Mascot:  Ballerina

September 2012
Liver Legs VI:  The People's Legs
Online poll to determine destination.  The people choose Big Boss.
Mascot: Fast Kitten

August 2012
Liver Legs V: Liverer Legs
Six Forks Pub and the Six Forks midnight sprint because well, the greenways are just darker, twisty, and more dangerous.  Raleigh Times post sprint.
Mascot:  Echidna

July 2012
Liver Legs V:  Party on Wheels, The Waterfall Edition
Mascot:  Blue Footed Booby
Lassiter Mill Falls on a hot day.  Stop at Snoopy's for dawgs.  Back to Oak City Cycling for movie night and brews - Breaking Away

June 2012
Liver Legs IV: Destination #BikeRaleigh
Oak City Cycling Project to the World of Beer @ North Hills (and a Birthday Party)
Mascot: Wombat

May 2012
Liver Legs II:  Pints at the Dive
Greenways to Gorman St Pub

April 2012

The Inagural Liver Legs:  Space Mountain
Bike to Big Boss Brewery


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